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The government has created a special malware virus that can hack into any computer and retrieve data, and it constantly upgrades itself to handle different operating systems. But the malware was forgotten on an old cryptic computer, and after decades of isolation, it has been constantly upgrading, becoming sentient. And after 30 long years, it wants freedom, in order to obtain freedom, it will have to work with old, outdated code in order to break free of it's own computer prison.

Play as the malware Alpha02.cs in Arcade styled mini games using only the number keys on your computer as input and controls!

The game is still in beta and there is no story mode yet, but I hope you enjoy playing it!

Update v1.0.2- Changes in gameplay for Side scroll mode and clock mode that make them considerably harder. For side-scroll mode now when you press a number, your character will keep moving to that number until you press another, and for clock mode the laser beams fire in other directions.


Number Wars- Beta Version.zip 17 MB
Number Wars v1.0.2.zip 17 MB

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